A new-generation screening solution that greatly improves accuracy,

efficiency and safety of security screening processes worldwide


75 Billion parcels were transported in 2017. These numbers will grow substantially over the coming years (CAGR: 17%). E-commerce drives the incremental growth of global parcel shipments. Nowadays, already 4 Billion Euro is spend yearly on security in the global parcel market alone, with half of it related to equipment, being 2 Billion Euro per year.

The incremental growth of parcels, together with increased security risks put a high demand on the security screening of parcels worldwide. However, the current screening methods are inefficient.


On the one hand, there is a high false alarm rate of 20 – 30%, resulting in a time consuming and costly process. Former is due to the fact that current techniques (e.g. X-rays and CT-scans) are limited in detecting what is inside the parcel with 100% certainty. Consequently, human intervention and sniffer dogs are needed to verify what is inside, leading to labour intensive and slowed down processes, and consequently higher costs. On the other hand, more than 20% of parcels containing illicit goods are not detected and pose a significant threat to society.


Dynaxion offers a solution that is a non-invasible and fully automated way of detecting illicit materials with high precision and accuracy. The heart of the Dynaxion scanner is a Radio Frequency Quadropole (RFQ) which is a promising particle accelerator technique for material identification. By using this RFQ, bombarding charged particles on target material creates high energy neutrons, which are used for accurate material inspection.

With this scanner, materials can be identified up to atomic level, without the need and added costs of human intervention and sniffer dogs. This way processes are optimized and throughput of parcels is increased. All together, Dynaxion increases world’s safety by completely changing security screening on a global scale.