A new-generation scanning system that greatly improves accuracy,

efficiency and safety of security screening processes worldwide


Billions of parcels and suitcases travel around the world. 85 billion parcels every year. 2800 parcels every second. And the numbers keep growing fast. But we simply do not know what is exactly inside. Explosives? Drugs?

In the USA every year more than 70.000 people die from opioid overdoses. Of which a large amount is transported via international mail and parcels.

Currently 4 Billion Euro is spent yearly on security in the global parcel market alone, of which 2 Billion Euro is spent on equipment.

The incremental growth of parcels transportation and increased security risks, puts a high demand on the security screening of parcels worldwide. The current screening methods are not accurate enough and inefficient.

This is a very serious threat to safety, health and society.


Current screening technologies (mostly based on X-rays and CT-technology) provide limited identification of parcel contents. They can only discriminate and provide limited material recognition.

This leads to high (FAR) false alarm rates of 20 to 30 %, resulting in costly human intervention and the use of sniffer dogs to verify what is inside.

This process is labour intensive and slow, and leads to high inefficiency and costs. This limited detection capability also leads to false negatives, meaning that illicit goods are not detected at all, posing a significant threat to society.   


Dynaxion develops a new and disruptive security scanner.

The Dynaxion scanning system is very accurate and precise. Is non-invasive and fully automated. And can identify materials at atomic level.

Dynaxion can tell you exactly what is inside a parcel or suitcase, even when hidden or packed in metal.

Dynaxion makes use of particle acceleration technology. With this accelerator neutrons are generated. These neutrons penetrate the parcel or suitcase which results in gamma-rays and fast neutrons. These are detected by special detectors to create atom specific energy spectra which define the materials inside. Accurate and precise. Up to atomic level.

The Dynaxion system goes way beyond the current X-Ray and CT technologies. We do not need people to look at images and we do not look at densities. We make spectra and the algorithms define the exact material identification.

Dynaxion can see the difference between cocaine or milk powder, syrup or nitro-glycerine.

Dynaxion makes the world a safer and healthier place.