High opportunity deeptech startup to revolutionize the security screening world.

Dynaxion is well on its way to revolutionizing the security screening world. We will be the first security screening system that can accurately identify threats and illegal materials in parcels and suitcases.

For airports, this means higher safety standards and less dependency on costly and slow operators, resulting in faster throughput and lower costs.

For customs and border protection, this means faster handling of threat alarms, a safer working environment, less opening of goods and thus much less hand and contact work.

In security screening operations, it is crucial to have more certainty and less guess-work because any hesitation is a clear no-go and slows down the process.

Another advantage of the Dynaxion system is that spoofing is nearly impossible, making it very difficult to fool the system by hiding threatening or illegal goods.

Viable business cases

Airports that buy the Dynaxion scanner, will see a huge drop in the amount of work required for alarm resolution.

Validated by several potential users and experts in the security screening market, this will lead to a 10% to 25% reduction of the total operating costs. It was also verified that the Dynaxion scanner can be certified within existing testing and certification methods and regulations. With this outlook, Dynaxion systems can already be introduced in the market in 2025.

Schiphol Airport and the NCTV – National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism in the Netherlands – have signed Letters of Support to stress the importance of higher safety and security and support Dynaxion’s development. Automation of the security processes in combination with a high detection rate and a low false alarm are important goals.

Besides the safety and security application at airports, there is fast growing interest related to the increasing illegal smuggling of drugs and import duty goods. Large sums of money are “lost” due to smuggling of tobacco, and thousands of people die each year from overdoses from drugs illegally entering countries. This has resulted in a high level of interest from Customs and Border Protection agencies in several countries.

Looking for impact investors

Terrorism threats are still increasing as well as the danger of smuggling and transport of CBNR (Chemical, Biological, Nuclear and Radiological) materials. Transport of batteries and other dangerous goods is also increasing as is general freight and parcel transport. Many countries are fighting hard to prevent the illegal entrance of drugs via regular transport. It is clear that better detection and identification equipment is needed. Dynaxion is relevant, promising and has the potential to disrupt this market and grow to revenues in the hundreds of millions.

Dynaxion’s mission is to have a positive impact and make the world a safer and healthier place. To accomplish our mission Dynaxion is seeking strategic investment partners to become part of our incredible journey. We’re currently raising €5 million in funding to build a prototype and test it at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The funding will also be used to prepare for the pilot and testing phase at customer locations and grow the team.

Want to know more or are you interested to invest? Please contact us on: info@dynaxion.nl or call: +31-6-51214165.