Dynaxion receives funding for artificial intelligence development

As part of a consortium, Dynaxion successfully applied for a significant grant through the European EUREKA AI program with their Spectralligence project. The consortium brings together two industrial partners (Philips and Spectral Engines), two SMEs (Olfactomics and Dynaxion) and two academic partners (TU/e and MUMC) with expertise on deep learning and the necessary deep physics and application knowledge base. The main objective of the program is to accelerate innovation and growth of the molecular and atomic spectroscopy market segments through the development of cross-domain validated neural networks for spectral analysis.

Cooperation in Spectralligence will advance the technological level of each of the partners in the field of AI and strengthen the industrial partners’ market position, enabling them to develop and offer novel, easy-to-use and affordable spectral analysis solutions tailored to the needs of non-expert users.

Dynaxion is well on its way to revolutionizing the security screening world. We will be the first security screening system that can accurately identify threats and illegal materials in parcels and suitcases.

For airports, this means higher safety standards and less dependency on costly and slow operators, resulting in faster throughput and lower costs.

For customs and border protection, this means faster handling of threat alarms, a safer working environment, less opening of goods and thus much less hand and contact work.

In security screening operations, it is crucial to have more certainty and less guess-work because any hesitation is a clear no-go and slows down the process.

Another advantage of the Dynaxion system is that spoofing is nearly impossible, making it very difficult to fool the system by hiding threatening or illegal goods.