Dynaxion ready for the future

Every day Dynaxion pushes hard to develop our system, because the world needs it now.

Billions of parcels and suitcases travel around the world – 2800 parcels every second – and the numbers keep growing fast. But simply put, no one can be 100-percent certain what is inside those packages.

Explosives, weapons, drugs? And speaking of drugs: In the USA every year more than 70.000 people die from opioid overdoses, with a significant amount of illicit drugs transported via international mail and parcels.

Current detection technologies are far from accurate, with high false alarm rates. They are also labor-intensive, and even with expensive training, those systems are susceptible to human error.

This is all a very serious threat to safety, health and society.

Dynaxion is truly disruptive compared to competition. We make use of particle acceleration technology. With this accelerator we generate neutrons capable of penetrating the parcel or suitcase and producing gamma-rays and fast neutrons. The detection results in energy spectra which define the materials inside, up to atomic level.

Accurate and precise.

We go way beyond the current X-Ray and CT technologies. We do not need people monitoring images and we do not look at densities. We utilize spectra and algorithms to define the exact material identification. That means we can see the difference between cocaine or milk powder, syrup or nitroglycerine.

The opportunities are huge. For security equipment in parcels and suitcases only, the market is estimated at around 10 Billion Euro. And the expectation is that these markets will grow due to the increased pressure to intercept drugs and illegal goods in trade and transport. Dynaxion is promising, relevant, impactful and scalable.