Dynaxion joins consortium to improve security screening

The Horizon Europe project PARSEC, “Parcel and Letter Security for Postal and Express Courier Flows”, will deliver an ambitious set of solutions to fight the abuse of postal and express courier flows for criminal and terrorist purposes by developing, configuring, customising, and piloting innovative tools, services and security management approaches. The four PARSEC innovation areas and three use cases strengthen risk analysis and redefine threat detection and resilience capabilities of parcel service providers, customs authorities, police agencies, and other relevant stakeholders to fight crime and terrorism, put in place a stronger deterrent and to ensure safe and undisrupted postal and express services.

Dynaxion plays an important role in the implementation of the substance identification required to lower false alarm rates of X-ray imaging based screening systems. Using AI algorithms that take the imaging data and add the specific information from XRD and NIGE to accurately determine the content of a parcel.

The program follows three “threat material centric-use cases”:

  • Multi-threat risk assessment: De-risking of parcels and letters with data to reduce load on subsequent technical detection and manual inspection activities.
  • Illicit drugs detection: Delivery of capability which enables fast and predictable postal and express courier operations without burdening inspection resources with high rates of false positives.
  • People safety to counter explosives, CBRN threats, and other hazardous materials: Contribution to such detection capabilities to deny misuse of the postal supply chain and protect postal employees, law enforcement officers and wider public from harm.

The outcome of the three year program will be a demonstration of the system of systems approach that will show a clear improvement on the detection of illegal materials entering Europe through postal and parcel shipments.

For more information please see: https://www.parsec-project.eu/

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