Dynaxion expands team and moves into new office at the High Tech Campus

Besides the two co-founders Cor Datema, CEO and Joost van de Griendt, CMO/CBO, the Dynaxion team consists of Emma Wooldridge, CTO from the UK, Ruud van Helden, our CFO, Max Messmer, nuclear physicist and AI specialist from Germany, Rik Limpens, detector specialist, Enrico Schioppa, simulation specialist from Italy, Hugette Swinnen, our office manager.

We moved into our own office February 1 at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. We are in High Tech Plaza Building 12, where about 14 other startups have their offices.

Due to Corona we all work from home. We have regular team calls where we also take the time to socialize and chat. We organize a weekly virtual pub quiz against other startup teams and we have the traditional weekly WoW’s as an alumnus of High Tech XL now with our beers behind our laptop cameras.