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Neutron based Substance Identification System

Dynaxion is developing a new generation scanning system for non-invasive and fully automated substance identification for security purposes. The device accurately scans parcels and suitcases for drugs, explosives and other dangerous and illicit goods.

The Dynaxion scanning system utilizes a novel Radio Frequency Quadrupole (RFQ) particle accelerator to create a beam of neutrons that is used to scan objects. Through the latest detector technology and Artificial Intelligence algorithms, substances can be accurately identified. The Dynaxion scanner will increase the efficiency of the scanning process, resulting in lower costs and safer transportation of goods in international travel and trade.


Using a combination of neutron and gamma-ray detectors and deep learning algorithms, substances can be identified down to their atomic level.


No human involvement is required for the system to determine if the parcel contains illicit materials. Parcels and suitcases are scanned without being opened.


The high accuracy makes Dynaxion a very efficient secondary screening tool. This saves time and high operator costs and prevents the opening of goods.


Better detection of explosives, drugs and dangerous goods in parcels and suitcases increases safety and security and intercepts illegal drugs transport.

Have a look at the video below for more information about Dynaxion and our technology.

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About Dynaxion

Dynaxion is a deep tech start-up located at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven (the Netherlands). Dynaxion develops an innovative and disruptive system to accurately identify drugs and explosives in parcels and suitcases.